Torrent Stream Controller Premium v1.5.6


Torrent Stream Controller Premium v1.5.6 ~ Torrent Stream Controller is yet another app that allows you to watch live TV on an Android device. The application uses AceStream technology for playing the live TV content.

Once you download, install and open the application you will need to get AceStream technology. On the first run, the application will download AceStream for you and install it. Therefore, you don’t have to do anything on your own.

The AceStream technology will run every time you try to play content using Torrent Stream Controller, which means you don’t need to manually start AceStream on its own. Convenient?

Therefore, the next step you for you is to choose which channel you want to play. The list of channels available in Torrent Stream Controller is quite big and there is a great selection of sports channels, movie channels, news channels and so on.

Clicking on any of the channels will prompt your Android device to open the default video player for playing the content you chose. If you have more than one video player available you can choose whichever you want.

The Torrent Stream Controller application is free for download on Google Play and free for use thereafter. It is, though, powered by advertisements.

If you want you can buy a premium version which offers a handful of features such as an Electronic Program Guide (EPG), ability to add channels to favourites lists, channel search and more. Of course, the  advertisements will go away as well.

– Implemented to conveniently control the keyboard or remote control: illuminated icon on the header windows, better highlighted the selected channels. Let me remind you long press on the logo of the channel leads to the appearance of the window with a television program that channel.A long press on a specific point in a TV program, you can deploy the description of the TV program, if necessary. After working for the script to work with the keyboard in all the windows, from the list of channels to buy and send the log.

– Implemented the extension side menu (Navigation Drawer), as, for example, in the latest version of the application Google Play.In this sidebar lists the categories, which makes it much easier transition from one category to another.

– Now you can select the size of logos: small, medium and large.

– Now that the application offers a download engine, it will offer you the engine is under the process of your device: x86 or ARM.

– There was a complaintthat when you launch any channel from your browsing history, the broadcast channel is not or is much worse, because translation ID stored in the history of obsolete and differs from that of the broadcast at the same channel in the normal channel list. This problem is resolved. You can safely run the channels of stories in the hope,that will be used exactly the same identifier broadcast that is available for the same channel in the channel list. But, still, do not forget to regularly update the channel list manually, which would have the most recent identifiers broadcasts. In the future we plan to automatically update identifiers broadcasts without your intervention.

-Redrew some icons, changed their style. In all windows now have the opportunity to “go back” by clicking on the title bar, or rather the name of the title. Standard behavior for Android. Redrew thumbnails (thumbnails) to display logos.

Link Download

  • https://tusfiles.net/mamm3q52hki8
  • https://userscloud.com/aispvsshgyw9
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